Launch of Ariane 5

Posted by Kerstin and Herve (Zurich, Switzerland) on 25 October 2007 in Transportation.

3 days ago, we came back from French Guyana where we lived two and a half crazy weeks!
The day after our plane landed, we had the chance to assist to the latest launch of Ariane 5.
I had great difficulties to make good pictures because :
1 - our tripod was lost by the air company during the travel. We got it 4 days later, too late !
2 - the launch was 30 minutes belated and it was getting dark. So I had to shoot ISO 1600...
Nevertheless, it was a successful operation and a very impressive beginning for our holidays on the other side of the world !

Canon EOS 350D
1/320 second
ISO 1600
160 mm


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