The mistery of the christmas gnome.

Posted by Kerstin and Herve (Zurich, Switzerland) on 21 December 2005 in Plant & Nature.

I resolved the mistery of the christmas gnome, which is haunting christmas trees and eating every candies and other chocolates that can be usually found around it.
I placed a cam with an automatic IR sensor and captured 4 pictures of the monster.
The monster noticed the cam and fled after trying to steal some candies. The next step wille be to place a trap to capture it alive and sell it to life experimentation laboratories or to a circus.

Valérie from France

Good luck in gnome hunting ;)

21 Dec 2005 5:06am

Aaron Schmidt from Auckland, New Zealand

Hahaha ... that is one ugly gnome! I've heard that they are attracted to high tech gear, such as mobile phones and camera lens ... ask Kerstin to buy you lots of electronic gear so that you can catch this hideous beast once and for all!

21 Dec 2005 5:33am

Siba from France

Merry Xmas to all Aminus3 community all around the world!
BTW, I really like your face on the 1st one ;o)

21 Dec 2005 9:52am

Jason Kravitz from Atlanta, United States

If Aaron is correct you should get 10 more of those flat TV's I see in the background to confuse it. Good holiday fun - hope you two have a Merry Christmas.

21 Dec 2005 1:47pm

Aurélie from New Zealand

Great idea Hervé ... go and catch the gnome :)

Agree with Siba .. love the 1st one !!

21 Dec 2005 11:38pm

Aurélie from New Zealand

Oh and Merry Christmas to all, Joyeux Noel a tous!!!

21 Dec 2005 11:39pm

Hervé from Paris, France

In fact, the screen is not flat and the TV weigths 50 kilos... I guess the gnome won't stole it ! :)

22 Dec 2005 9:25am

Shuva from Hyderabad, India

Ha haa haaa! I like aarons comment apart from the series....hee haa!

22 Dec 2005 12:05pm

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